Southeastern Heat Processing Systems

  • Southeastern Heat Processing Systems is a manufacturer’s representative company serving the heat processing industry.  With over 20 years in the heat processing industry, we can offer the optimum solution for your process, and supply the equipment best suited to meet your needs.   With our main office in Charlotte NC, we are centrally located to cover the Carolinas, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee.
  • The companies that we represent offer a broad range of supply in the heat processing industry.  We offer electric and gas fired furnaces ( Can-Eng ), and vacuum furnaces.
  • We also supply electric heating elements and APM tubes ( Sandvik )alloy trays, baskets, and fixtures ( Pro-Tech ), Si-SiC burner tubes ( Inex ), carburizing and nitriding Stop-Off coatings ( Avion and Tenaxol ), oil and polymer quenchants ( Tenaxol ), and furnace temperature profiling equipment ( Phoenix TM ).
  • With 15 + years in combustion engineering, we also offer burner tune-ups and combustion system upgrades from a variety of combustion equipment suppliers.