• Our president, Mr. Alex Beltzhoover, P.E., has over 25 years of engineering sales experience in the heat processing and air handling industries. He spent the first 13 years of his career as a combustion engineer, the next 3 years working in material and air handling applications, and the past 9 + years working with primarily electrically heated equipment. With this experience, not only does he fully understand almost all heating processes and conditions, he also knows what is the optimum equipment (heating and ancillary) for whatever your particular process demands.
  • The manufacturers that we represent cover a broad area of heat processing equipment.  As such, there is also a very broad range of knowledge covering furnaces, gas and electric heating sources, furnace controls, stop-off coatings, fixturing, quenching, and temperature profiling.  We are positioned to offer complete solutions regarding any heat processing challenges that may exist at your plant.
  • We have heat processing experience in the steel, glass, aluminum, non-ferrous, heat treating, chemical, power plant, and textile industries.  Beyond selling equipment, we can offer technical solutions to improve production and reduce process waste and production downtime.