In addition to furnaces, Southeastern Heat Processing Systems also offers the following accessories:

  • Heating Elements. Silicon Carbide and Moly Disilicide heating elements are available from Sandvik Heating Technologies ( formerly Kanthal ) ( ).
  • Stop-off Coatings.  For prevention of unwanted carburizing and nitriding. Available in 1 and 5 gallon sizes from Avion Mfg. (
  • Furnace Replacement Chains.   Available in a variety of sizes and materials. (
  • Burner Tube Inserts.  Spyrocor™ burner tube inserts can save you 10 % or more on fuel costs on radiant tube applications. They can be used with or without recuperators.  (
  • Alloy Products. Furnace trays, baskets, fixtures, and alloy furnace parts are available from Pro-Tech ( )
  • Si-SiC tubes. Silicon – Silicon Carbide bonded tubes are supplied by Inex ( )
  • Temperature Profiling Systems. Temperature Profiling Systems and Data loggers are offered through Phoenix Temperature Measurements ( )